Marina Sol Nail Bar & Spa


To ensure your comfort

We added cushioned swivel bar stools with armrests

Our 16-foot long granite bar for manicures was designed so that our customers can sit up nice and high. To ensure your comfort we added cushioned swivel bar stools with armrests.

All of our customers have the option of controlling the music videos or concerts played on our 65 inch HD TV through our iPad. When the weather is lovely we can also open the expansive 15 feet windows which overlook the front entrance of Marina Sol as it’s great for people-watching. This option is also helpful for when acrylic services are being done. This way no one is smothered by the strong scents of the products. And if needed we will keep the AC running to keep everyone cool at the same time.

We offer everything you’ll need, from a basic manicure to a French manicure or our most requested, the amazing spa manicure!

Ever heard of the new 3-D laser nail printer? Well, we’ve got it! You can download your favorite image or design on our iPad, and within minutes it’s printed onto your fingernail.




Spa Manicure


Hot stone treatment


Bridal manicure